P.O.P. Music Video Art: What's not to like?

Not so original, according to some. Been done before, according to others. But we don’t care, because we can watch this video for hours on end on repeat without eeeeeever getting bored. It’s pure alchemy. Like staring into the Primordial Soup.
Watch P.O.P!

This magical music video art piece-de-resistance was done by Israeli media artist and designer Gil Zablodovsky who experimented with this effects before. In his project 25th Hour, Zablodovsky places materials on top of speakers to explore “the therapeutic  qualities of sound.” All Zen, we feel…………..
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The world of music videos has traditionally provided a perfect breeding ground to test new visual styles,VFX and editing techniques. It has also proven to be an extraordinary springboard for some of todays most acclaimed film directors, such as Spike Jonze, Baz Luhrmann and Michel Gondry, to name but three. 2Pause is the second installment of our curated music video website. The old Pause website is still online here.

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