Citizens! get sexy with True Romance

In violence and destruction, love prevails, right?

Before we say anything else, get ready to feel and make sure you stick around to the last shot of this music video – we promise it’s worth it!

Inspired by a photo of a couple kissing on the ground during the Vancouver riots, London’s electro-indie pop quintet Citizens! deliver a super fun and sexy music video for their first official debut single, True Romance, coming from their debut album Here We Are.

For the band, the song and video represents ‘the way in which we look for the intense personal moment to triumph over the doom and chaos of the world at large’.

Suffice it to say that everything from the concept to footage to execution is spot on. The sounds are sleek and catchy, the color grading truly feels perfect, and the solid direction and camera movement by the good people at We Are From L.A. takes the audience on an intense journey around Barcelona where couples make out intensely amidst destruction at places like a supermarket, a pile of debris, or on the ground at a riot. Stick through this 3+ minutes of sucking face and you’ll be rewarded with a truly WOW second-to-last shot featuring a couple sitting on the edge of a building overlooking Catalunya’s capital city.

Watch True Romance by Citizens! on 2Pause and tell us…what do you feel?

Go buy the album here.

By Katy Yudin главфинанс займ личный кабинетмфк лайм займлайм займ просрочка