Cannabis Oil and Kids with Epilepsy

Submitted by Carol Ireland

I understand there is a great deal of upset, especially amongst ‘epilepsy parents’, following remarks made in an ABC Brisbane tv news product regarding the evening of 19 September. The section covered the storyline of a daddy that is pleading using the Queensland national allowing his 8 12 months daughter that is old who’s a regressive neurological condition which causes chronic several seizures, use of medicinal cannabis oil while she actually is in medical center. Really a comment made with respect to the medical sector triggered the upset: “children in particular have actually presented in hospitals with comas and passed away from cannabis oil”. Epilepsy Action has been doing some research with this subject and I also share that I have written to the Australian Medical Association with you now the body of the letter.

“I make reference to a news article on ABC television regarding the of 19 September 2016 about medicinal cannabis and children with epilepsy, in particular the Peek family evening. Reviews produced by you in this meeting have actually triggered anger, concern as well as in some full situations worry in the epilepsy community. We compose this page within the hope so it acts to describe the good known reasons for this also to seek your help in ameliorating the specific situation.

During my part as CEO and Managing Director of Epilepsy Action Australia We have actually had contact that is significant numerous families up against difficult decisions in managing their child’s unrelenting and debilitating seizures as a consequence of epilepsy. In usually serious circumstances, some parents in Australia have already been ready to take to any such thing to assist lessen the extent and regularity of their child’s seizures and boost their standard of living. Parents, whom hoped that the youngster might react to cannabis oil, have desperately looked for usage of any way to obtain ‘medicinal cannabis’ oil or tincture they might find, because of the knowledge that is uncomfortable it absolutely was considered an illicit medication in Australia.

Having presented during the Senate Inquiry in to the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014, sitting in the Steering Committee for the NSW Clinical studies, acting as a co-investigator into the project that is PELICANNSW and QLD) and serving from the Board regarding the Lambert Initiative at Sydney University, we completely help appropriate and medical paths undertaken to present medically recommended, quality managed medicinal cannabis to individuals with epilepsy, nevertheless high quality research and modifications to existing laws and regulations needs time to work. Unfortunately, time unfortuitously just isn’t a thing that a number of these kiddies have.

We comprehend the appropriate problem: While medicinal cannabis (or marijuana) usage had been lawful in Australia before the 1950s, cannabis cultivation and usage has become unlawful in most Australian jurisdictions for almost any function, although the worldwide drug treaties to which we have been party let the medical and clinical usage of medications whoever leisure usage is forbidden. Obviously Australians enjoy the medical usage of drugs such as for instance morphine, ketamine, cocaine and amphetamine, despite their leisure usage being forbidden.

We additionally recognize that individual clinical trials for CBD and epilepsy come in very very early stages, and that while CBD happens to be examined as a prospective anti-epileptic in people, these very early research reports have perhaps not been followed up with bigger and more convincing medical studies over a longer period.

Having said that, we realize from social media marketing along with other sources that a wide range of consumers (moms and dads) in Australia are gaining usage of medicinal cannabis to treat seizures. Because of the catastrophic and debilitating nature of these children’s epilepsy conditions it isn’t hard to realize their desperation. These moms and dads report enormous enhancement within the extent and frequency of the children’s seizures and quality that is overall of. But EAA is needless to say worried why these consumers could be making use of home-grown and market that is black of uncertain medicinal quality, and these desperate parents are breaking what the law states.

We realize that you will find inherent dangers being used of unregulated cannabinoid based products nevertheless if there clearly was appropriate laboratory evaluating available, the potential risks of prospective contaminates will be prevented and parents could be conscious of the cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles for the item they truly are making use of. This could certainly provide sensible and effective moderate term risk mitigation.

I do want to refer particularly to your responses within the tv interview that “children in particular have actually presented in hospitals with comas and passed away from cannabis oil”. If there have been a young child death in Australia linked to cannabinoid intoxication a Coroner’s inquest could have been necessary to investigate the death. We can’t find any listing that is such.

I realize which you spoke yesterday to a medicinal cannabis advocate and that you claimed that the information originated in Colorado. From our research, i need to assume that the reviews in reality relate genuinely to the accidental ingestion of marijuana edibles (usually owned by the moms and dad or other adult) as opposed to the young ones being administered medicinal cannabis oil for certain health issues. This is certainly more problem of labelling, kid evidence packaging and grownups being accountable in saving their item.

I think it would be appropriate, and indeed very valued by parents within the epilepsy community, in the event that you would retract the declaration made, or at the very least offer detail that is further accurate context for the declaration. We provide the support of my organization to help in almost any real method possible with training and help in this example.

Finally, i would really like to refer you to definitely articles into the healthcare Journal of Australia by David G Pennington (Med J Aust 2015; 202 (2): 74-75) titled “Australia is behind the days from the use that is medical of. It generates for interesting reading about this hard subject.”

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