28 March: 2Pause Live @ EYE

We’ve teamed up with the glimmering new EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam for a new series of events in 2013. At the upcoming first edition – to celebrate the relaunch of 2Pause – we’ll be tuning in to the rise and rise of psychedelic visuals in recent music videos. An extremely noteworthy trend that has more to do with tech tool explosions, mash-up creativity, and fractal code frenzies than with the mind-altering trippings of yesteryear.

The program includes a super short but mind-expanding introduction into “new psychedelica” (according to us, and we’re no experts, we’re just believers!); EYE will uncover a precious psychedelic gem from their unique archive; and we’re presenting a brand-new one-hour screening program featuring a selection of new psychedelic music videos to stimulate your frontal lobes (save money on a lobotomy!). More shall be revealed soon. But heed this warning, Eyeballs Will Bleed!

Join us at a small and intimate screening at EYE. We’re in the tiniest, but cozy  cinema 4 at the new EYE. Seats are limited (60).

For more info and tickets visit EYE

Future Events (themes t.b.c.)
28.03 New Psychedelica in Music Videos
16.05 Book Trailers
25.07 Unspeak – Words Are Weapons (new iDoc: Dutch premiere)


P.S. This “New Psychedelica” program is a updated, extended version our 2011 sold out one off “2Pause: New Psychedelica” screening at the Lowlands festival.


By Remco Vlaanderen

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