“Sweater” or What You Can Do With a Good Idea and 3 Beamers

Simple but effective concept: build up a setting with 3 white walls, project images on them and then have one of the band members give a performance in relation with the screens. Two major tricky points to consider: the projected images should be very much  in contrast with the idea of a constrained space (better choose wide open spaces or scenes in motion) and the performer should be really good at his job. The result?

An incredible music video in which we are constantly reminded and then made to forget again that we are really looking at 3 blank walls and a performer, not at somebody traveling by train, taking escalators, sailing boats or diving in the sea!


Brilliant Oscar-worthy (at least in the music video world!) performance by Willow’s lead singer, super creative concept by the talented Belgium director and multimedia installations mastermind: Filip Stercks, and simply a must-see promo!


That’s exactly how we like our 2pause videos!

By Maria Dicieanu

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