Surrender Monkey’s “Saboteur” Smile

Never underestimate the power of a smile! And we’re not talking about a smile that brightens up the day of your grumpy boss, or one that lets you walk away from a speed ticket. We are talking about the sheer chaos caused by an apparently not-so-innocent smile in this quirky music vid for The Kooks’ “Saboteur”.

Originally from France, the London-based collective Surrender Monkeys came up with a hilarious story about a waitress who charms pretty much everybody in a bar-café with her charismatic smile. Been there, seen that. But there’s a catch. The waitress’ smile is a contagious one that never wipes off the face of the person it’s addressed to. The result is both funny and tragic while faithfully respecting the directors’ credo “first surrender then hit back with bananas.”

Must-see promo guaranteed to bring a smile on your face (though we’re not sure you won’t get stuck with it!).

See also: Surrender Monkey’s short film Euro 2012 on Vimeo

By Maria Dicieanu

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