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Interactive Music Video Feast

Gone are the days when we would feature a new interactive music video every other 6 months… Could be just spring, but interactive beauties keep on popping out one after another! And the interaction techniques used couldn’t be more varied, from live tweeting to puzzle assembling, or even simulating a “buy it!” function.

Whether redefining how live performances can be experienced in front of the computer, or simply engaging us in a psychedelic find-the-chapel game, these charming promos can easily keep us entertained for hours!

And guess what? The genre is becoming so popular that even regular organizations choose to promote their social messages via fun interactive music video applications! So keep an eye on our collection and who knows!? maybe you’ll find the next-best way of promoting your personal message!

By Maria Dicieanu займ 24 часа на картузайм быстрые деньгивзять онлайн займ