French Wave Out, Nordic Wave In!

Waves they come and go. The “French Wave” was, until yesterday, a category on our music video platform 2Pause dedicated to those free-minded French directors that once placed an indelible mark on the music video scene. Those talents have all moved on to make feature films, like Gondry; to shooting fashion, like Sednaoui; or to direct commercials, like Courtes. (Visit our old Pause 1.0 website for a reminder). For the time being, all that is left of that once magnifique French scene is but a weak undercurrent. But as one waves rolls on “la plage,” another wave gains momentum…

Something in the feta?
Lately we’ve been discovering though a lot of very interesting music videos coming from Scandinavia. So besides Lego, fjords, Dogme 95, and ABBA, the Scandinavians, especially the Danish, appear to harbor an incredibly creative and thriving music video scene made up of young and upcoming filmmakers and collectives. Did you notice?

Low and behold the “Nordic Wave!” the newest theme on our music video platform 2Pause dedicated to that dashing Scandinavian talent.

Fresh polar vids added on 2Pause:

Lasse Martinussen’s disturbing reflection on abuse of the weak by the rich and powerful

Kim Holm for Matta: “Release The Freq”
A supernatural eerie short film directed by Tore Frandsen to accompany Karin Park’s “Fryngies”

By Remco Vlaanderen

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