Caspa “War” – Matt Lambert directs

“War” is about a bunch of free-spirit teenagers enjoying an idyllic bohemian existence re-evaluate their life-style after one of them returns to the group heavily beaten up. Realizing that they are still dependent on the big bad world they left behind and escaping is not an option, they choose the only possible solution in their eyes, fight back.

Lambert’s teens are going through a process; from no rules to heavy partying to game fighting to organized violence, and finally, to war. We are left to imagine the massive clash at the end, but by then Lambert has already made his point by revealing the violence-fever and the rebel that resides inside each and everyone of us.

With everything that’s happening, with all the emotions thrown at us, from the intimate scenes of the bonding teenagers to the very rough and aggressive fighting moments, “War” literally feels like receiving an audio-visual punch in the face. Nonetheless, one we don’t mind receiving!

Watch Caspa’s new music video “War” ft. Keith Flint

Check out also the Making Of “War” on YouTube

Matt Lambert video interview on Submarine Channel

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By Maria Dicieanu

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